Complete PRO Collision Repair

Getting into a car accident can be stressful. When it happens, ProColor Collision’s experts offer complete and hassle-free autobody repair services, from providing cost estimates to handling crash repair approved by the insurance company. Our facilities are also qualified to take care of all types of vehicle repair services including dent removal, scratch repair, car paint buff, wheel alignment, fender and bumper repair and air conditioning systems.

Services We Offer


Repair and Restoration

We handle accident repairs and restore your car’s flawless finish.


Paintless Dent Removal

We can restore damage from dents, door marks and hail.


Paint Scratch Repair

We do paint repair, touch-ups and respraying on several major


Bumper Repairs

We address damage to underlying parts and outline repair options.


Wheel Alignment

Our technicians ensure correct wheel alignment for better vehicle control.


Air Conditioning Systems

We can fix air conditioning malfunctions, leaks and freon disposal.

Commitment to Quality

In an extremely competitive aftermarket business, we believe that it’s especially important to reinforce our service offerings to deliver the best personal experience that our customers would like to have.

ProColor Collision supports its franchise partners by providing tailor-made solutions that will help them deliver outstanding customer service.

Customer PRO Satisfaction

Customer experience is a big deal at ProColor Collision. We like it so much that we call it our PRO Satisfaction Program. We ensure all our collision repair centers provide the highest standards of safety and offer a limited lifetime warranty on the repairs performed on your vehicle for added comfort.